Kitty Underhill

DIY Roll Up Baggy Shorts

Kitty Underhill
So, I'm going to Bestival this week and I can barely contain myself - Snoop Dogg and Elton John in the same lineup? Hell yes!

So obviously I left the only pair of denim shorts I actually wanted to wear to the festival at uni, so I thought I'd do a cheeky denim shorts tutorial.

 So first off git yo'self a pair of baggy jeans. I've opted here for a men's pair of bootcut jeans from H&M. Was a tough decision sacrificing these badboys, methinks I'll go and get another pair.
 Check to see how they fit before you do any cutting - you don't want to be all like 'WOOP GONNA MAKE SOME BAGGY SHORTS' and then you cut them and you can't roll them up because they're too slim a fit. Because that would be lame. Whilst wearing them, also decide where you think the best place to cut them is.
 Take a black thick marker and draw a line where you want to cut them. Make sure you draw the line a little bit longer than you would usually because you're going to roll these up.
 Then cut along your chosen dotted line. If you've opted for men's jeans like I did, remember that the crotches on men's jeans are waaaay lower than on lady-folk jeans, so make sure you bare that in mind and don't cut across the crotch.
 Then you should hopefully have a pair of sexy looking cut offs like these.
 Roll up these bitches.
 HUZZAH. You got yourself some roll up shorts.

If you use men's jeans, they can also be quite high waisted because of aforementioned long crotch length so you can do a low-rise baggy kind of thing, or a high waisted Daisy Duke naughty thing. Or where them however you want, I'm not your mum, I can't tell you what to do.

I hope you enjoyed my first actual post! Let me know how your baggy shorts go - I'd love to know that this has actually worked for other people apart from me.

Kitty xo