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Kids with Guns.

Kitty Underhill

So I had the pleasure of working with the TrueMobster team on one of their short videos.

After being picked up from Eastbourne station in the 'Bentley' we made our way to the set and from there my chilled Sunday morning escalated pretty quickly - when I knew that I would be doing filming on a Sunday morning, I most definitely didn't expect that I would be tied up, untied and then re-tied up again!
We had an awesome time filming, despite it being freezing cold and me not exactly being dressed appropriately for the weather.  It was however a bit of a worry how being a bitchy hostage seemed to come a little bit too naturally to me...

I had a sick time filming - thanks again to everyone at Truemobster for having me!
You can check the video out here: 

And here's a little bit of me behind the scenes:

What I'm Wearing:

Top - Forever 21
Jeans - Topshop
Coat - Missguided

(just a head's up, this gun is totally fake and only okay to pose with because it's not real. Real guns are bad, mmkay)