Kitty Underhill

My December.

Kitty Underhill
For me, December is my busiest and most exciting month - my birthday, Christmas and New Year are all in the space of a couple of weeks. This year however, my December was massive; it was my 21st!

My first party was on my actual birthday at the Islington Metal Works in Angel - if you have any kind of event that you need a venue for, I couldn't recommend this place enough. The owner, Dette, is such a pro, and caters to every single detail to make your shindig awesome. Plus, look how sick the venue itself is:

(this was before everyone arrived, I swear I'm not a loser with no friends)

It was absolutely incredible - open bar, food, and the awesome Chris Campbell of DrDr DJ'd. Such a sick night! 

My next party was a cocktail party with my family and friends; it was initially meant to be relatively smart and classy, however things soon got a little crazier when my uncle started handing out jager shots. Never thought I'd see the day where I'd have to keep up with my family members, but there you go!

I've been looking forward to my 21st for so long that now it's all over I can't help but feel a little sad. And old! I am so lucky to have such awesome friends and family who celebrated with me, I feel well special.

Two birthdays meant 2 dresses (of course). Here's what I wore:

Part 1:

Dress - Freak of Nature (hands down my favourite brand ever!)
Shoes - Nike
Earrings - ASOS

Not gonna lie, this is probably one of my favourite items of clothing I own. Wearing it made me feel like Iggy Azalea!
I also totally recommend these Nike Sky Highs if you want a snazzier pair of trainers to go clubbing in. I was literally non-stop boogying for a good 5 hours and, despite them having a bit of a heel, felt no foot pain at all. Plus they're beaut. Liberty has recently done a new range of limited edition Sky Highs with sick patterns on if you don't want just a block colour.

Part 2:

Dress - ASOS
Shoes - Iron Fist (I want every pair of Iron Fist shoes ever made)

Didn't manage to get any individual shots of me with this outfit but I love this dress/shoe combo so much that I wanted to share anyways! I love the mesh/thigh split in this dress. These shoes were bought for me by my lovely boyfriend for my birthday a few years ago. I pointed them out to him saying that they would be the shoes I would wear to my first ever film premier - he remembered and bought them for me! I'm crap at heels and yet I managed to last pretty long in these - the platform definitely helps. Plus, they have frickin' wolf teeth on them. Sick as.

I hope you all had fab Christmases/Hanukkahs/Holidays - there'll be many more posts to come in the New Year!