Kitty Underhill

India Part Two - I'm on a Boat.

Kitty Underhill
I've got to admit, looking back on photos and notes from my India trip is making writing my dissertation a lot more depressing.

The day I wore this outfit was my first full day in India. Still completely jetlagged and out of sorts, I managed to function somewhat like a human being and went on a house boat ride down the local waters. The houseboat however wasn't one with a motor or engine - it had to pushed along by the owner of the house boat with a huge oar. The owner greeted us onto his houseboat with a lovely smile and we soon after left the dock and ventured down the waters. It was probably the most serene thing I had ever experienced. The water was so still, the horizon was stunning. I actually got the opportunity to try and push the boat along - the owner made it look so easy, plus he was half my size, so I thought 'hey, why the hulk not'. I managed to get the swing of it, however after 15 minutes or so my arms gave in. I soon realised that he made it look so easy because he was pretty much all muscle, which I am not!

Whenever I was asked in meditation sessions before I went to India to think of a calm place, I usually made one up - it was usually one based on a stereotypical travel brochure with the standard 'sandy beach' picture on the front. If I'm ever asked again, I now know what the perfect location for it. Considering my impending doom dissertation deadline is looming, I should really start meditating more and get myself back to that place, at least mentally. I definitely want to go back soon.

Until next time, y'all.


What I'm Wearing:
Bikini Top - Ann Summers (as an honourable member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, Ann Summers is my go to place for swimwear. 10/10 would recommend)
Dress - Asos
Sandals - Havaianas

(and here's the lovely aforementioned Houseboater! I wish you could see his face better in this photo, damn snazzy cameras and their lame manual light settings)