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Kitty Underhill
So, I've finally finished my degree! WHAT. I'm still in total disbelief, to the point where if I ever find myself doing nothing recently I feel guilty, even though I promised myself some 'do nothing' days. Having said that, since I've finished I've been weirdly rushed off my feet -I guess I'm not that good at doing nothing, then...

So one awesome event I found myself at since I graduated was the Blogger's Love Anniversary party at Embargo 59, which included some beaut cocktails and a showcase of the brands to watch this year, including brands such as Candy Clothing, Creations by Maggie, Tongues Will Wag, Wild Leggings London, Bikini Fling, Dark Waters Boutique, Nina Naustdal, Philly's Boutique, Rhome's Boutique and Unique Avenue. It was my first ever fashion show and it was awesome, plus, I can now confirm that these definitely are a sick selection of brands to watch out for in 2014. I've already nabbed myself a pair of Wild Leggings!

I also got the chance to go to the private viewing of Darren Johnson's photography exhibition. He's not only a photographer extraordinaire, but also an awesome friend of mine, so it was even cooler that it was his stuff all on the walls of Conway Hall. It was here that Darren premiered his most recent shoot with my friend Ali, in which Ali was in full ballerina gear dancing around Central London. Not did Ali look flawless, but Darren shot it all perfectly. If you ever find yourself near Conway Hall or have a penchant for urban photography, definitely check it out - it's free!

 (Belle, Ali, Darren and I, why must I always look so grumpy?)
Me and the man himself!

For these events I whipped out something I bought on a total whim via Facebook (thanks Wavey Garms Ladies!); this old vintage playsuit. Dat colour tho.

What I'm Wearing:
Jumpsuit - Vintage
Boots - New Look
Plug - Crazy Factory
Necklace - H&M