Kitty Underhill

Sky Hooks and Tartan Paint

Kitty Underhill
I'm writing this as I sit on the floor of Heathrow Airport trying to work out what the HULK is going on with my flight. I was meant to fly out to Montreal today however due to the crash at Halifax this has become quite a kerfuffle. Fingers crossed I don't have to have an airport sleepover.


So, if you've ever been a 12-16 year old, you've probably had your share of cringeworthy looks. And now I've said that, you're probably having some terrible flashbacks to them. We've all been there. It's that period of time where we're all trying to figure out who the hell we are and trying to fit in, going from phase to phase, but to no avail. I still remember feeling so damn cool going to the school disco in my baggy pink flared corduroys...ahem.

There is however one phase I don't think I ever grew out of. My goth/emo/wannabe scene kid phase. Yes, I was the one with the stupidly backbrushed hair and the slicked down side fringe at underage gigs, dressed in all the studs, black, leather and tartan you could find. I was actually recognised at an underage gig under my scene-donym, Kitty Kapow. Yeah, I'm dying inside at that too.

I may be all grown up now (well, kind of not really at all), but studs, spikes, black, leather and tartan still basically make up my entire wardrobe. I love the grungey goth aesthetic, and probably always will. Some old habits die hard I guess!

The outfit post this week covers 4/5 of that wardrobe criteria. I love this dress' contrasting silk body/tartan skirt. Plus, this jacket, without fail, always makes me feel like a T Bird.

(Update: I'm flying out tomorrow, jubilations!)

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: Motel Rocks (you can find more Motel tartan treats here)
Jacket - Criminal Damage
Earrings + Necklace: Ebay
Boots: Irregular Choice (these have now sold out D: but this Spring/Summer version of the boot is BEAUT!)

And thanks again to the lovely Ray James for this week's photos.