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Kitty Underhill
So recently I have been the busiest bee in the best way possible - I'm in the process of rehearsing for a production of Sex in Shorts for the Brighton Fringe festival! I've always wanted to perform in the fringe festival and it's been such an awesome, intense process. I'm so excited to perform next week, I'm getting butterflies just thinking about it!

So, as I'm rushing from place to place at the moment, I'm not really putting much effort in to what I wear - I'm just chuck whatever I can find on and bolt out the house to rehearsal. However, this has made me realise how much I love a good old proper denim shirt. Chuck it on - BOOM. Casual but still a little sassy. I actually have two because I wear them quite a lot; they're my go-to lazy outfit staple. If I want to dress it up, I'll add a statement skirt. I love this tartan one from Beyond Retro.

What I'm Wearing:
Shirt: Rokit
Skirt: Beyond Retro
Shoes: River Island
Earrings: New Look

Thank you to my favourite photographer/rapper extraordinaire Daniel Dovi-Dotse for this week's photos!

Oh, and if you fancy coming along to watch me in Sex in Shorts, you can buy tickets here.