Kitty Underhill

My Eternal Quest for Mom Jeans

Kitty Underhill
I feel like there are certain staples everyone should have in their wardrobe, so you have a solid base on which to build fabulous looks and whatnot. Although my wardrobe is an amalgamation of unorganised nonsense 99.9% of the time, I always like to make sure I have the following things in my wardrobe:

1. A nice quality plain white tshirt. Chuck it over leggings with a leather jacket and you have a transitional day to night look. Boom.

2. A good fitting pair of jeans. I usually opt for stretchy ones, as they're comfy and they make one's butt look majestic.

3. A blazer. Always good to have a smart looking jacket in tow in case of job interviews, meetings and other such things where you have to look like you have your shit together. Plus, you can throw a blazer over some jeans, add heels and a bralet and you have a nice date look too.

4. A coat. DAMNIT GET A COAT. That's actually warm and not just pretty! You will thank yourself in winter. Just be sensible and have a coat. 

5. A pair of trainers you keep in (relatively) good condition. Looks sick with a pair of peg trousers for a smart casual look. Plus, trainers are comfy and great.

So bearing in mind staple number 2, I of course should have a pair of mom jeans. Right? That's only fair? Well apparently I can't because I can't find any which fit well and are in my price range. As a pear shaped gal especially, I've found it hard to find a pair which have enough give to allow for my butt (I need a lot of give...) but aren't huge on the waist. I did have this beauteous Boohoo pair (pictured below), however I had a real life wardrobe malfunction and they ripped all the way from my knee to my very very upper thigh. I WEEP.

And so, I ask you, the reader, WHERE CAN I FIND A PAIR? I'm taking suggestions. Everyone else seems to be having a fab Mom jean experience but me. Comment below if you have any recommendations or chat to me on Twitter, @kittyunderhillx.

When I did have my mom jeans (RIP, literally), my favourite thing to wear them with was this super versatile ribbed leotard from Boohoo. If you hadn't noticed, I'm a Boohoo fiend.

What I'm Wearing:
Leotard: Boohoo
Jeans: Boohoo
Boots: Cat Footwear
Coat: Missguided (you can find more fab Missguided coats here)
Hoops: Primark

(fun fact: this photo is me trying to keep my cool even though my jeans had ripped all the way up the leg that very second)

Thank you so much to the awesome Dave Willis for this week's photos and Nikki Southwood for my makeup.