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Kitty Underhill x Munch Club TV: Body Positivity, Trolls and Roasted Cauliflower Pasta

Gal-Dem: Gal-Dem in Conversation with Kitty Underhill

Neon Moon: Q&A with #NeonMoonModel Kitty

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SYT Magazine: Kitty Underhill on the Realities of Being Both a Feminist and an Inbetweenie Model

I was featured on a Reprezent Radio panel to talk about feminism, body positivity and how the mainstream currently fails the movement.

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international business times: Louise Thompson's New body positive book faces furious backlash

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Buzzfeed: A Gym Said Women Shouldn't Be Pear-Shaped And People Were Really Pissed Off

Bjournal: 'The Sooner Our Government Becomes More Diverse, the Better'